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We have excursion to the Saona island in Dominican Republic every day with the best Saona island excursions reviews, the pickup time starts from 7:20 am, depending on the location of your hotel, we have comfortable buses with very friendly drivers, we have guaranteed social distance on our tour. Saona pirates of the caribean / saona blue lagon / Saona beach

On our excursion to Saona Island we have all the services included, Snorkeling, Catamaran, Speedboat, drinks on the boat and lunch on the island, we have a professional guide who speaks English and will be with you all day. Saona trip advisor / Saona tours

The time from Punta Cana to the port of bayahibe, located in the city of La Romana is 50 minutes, we take the speedboat to go to the island, inside we provide life jackets. Saona island hotels / how to get to saona island / saona island resort / saona island trip

The first stop we make is the snorkeling time, approximately 20 minutes, in our excursion we have included the masks to see the fish and corals, we recommend bringing bread for better visibility. Saona island Punta Cana excursion / Saona island private tour

After this activity we go to the natural pool, located in the middle of the sea, not very deep, we will observe the starfish, we will be for 45 minutes and we have an open bar on the boat. Catamaran to Saona island / Saona island natural pool / Trip to Saona island

We will arrive at the island around 12:00 pm and we will stay until 3:00 pm, on the island we will have lunch included in your package and open bar (Ron, Coca cola, Sprite, beer and water). How far is Saona island from Punta Cana / Trip to Saona Island

On the return we take the catamaran where we will have the best entertainment, music, dance and open bar (Ron, Coca Cola, Sprite and water) until we reach the port (4:30 pm). Saona island day trip / Saona island catamaran tour / Saona island snorkeling

Our company has excursion to Saona Island from Punta Cana every day, only paying us 10 additional dollars for the transfer, the time from Punta Cana to the port located in Bayahibe in La Romana city is 45 minutes with guaranteed social distance. We also have a saona excursion from Bayahibe with a pick-up time starting at 9:00 am. Saona island tour from La Romana / Saona island tour price

Saona Island VIP Tour from US 99.99

If you are on honeymoon or at a special time with your family we have Saona VIP excursion with private transport, professional tour guide, private boat, drinks and lunch included, contact us and schedule your special date. Saona excursion Punta Cana

In this excursion we visit the snorkeling area, the natural pool and the Saona island where you will have unlimited time, drinks and lunch are included, additional charges for lobsters and massages. Saona island tour Bayahibe.


Pick up from your hotel in Punta Cana

7:15 to 7:45, depending on location

Departure to Bayahibe from Punta Cana


Arrival in Bayahibe

9 o’clock

Departure to SAONA ISLAND by speedboat


Stop at the natural pool (starfish)

9:40 (40 minutes in natural pool)

Output to the catuano channel


Arrival to the snorkeling area

10:30 (30 minutes snorkeling)

Exit to Saona beach



11:15 (until 2:30 p.m.)



Return departure

14:30 in catamaran

Arrival in Bayahibe


Departure to Punta Cana


Arrival at your hotel in Punta Cana

17:45 – 18:15 depending on location

The snorkeling excursion of Saona island is ideal for guests who want to do a snorkeling dive on the tropical reefs on the Caribbean side of the Dominican Republic. Described as a diving paradise, the reefs visited on this tour have a profusion of radiant reefs and marine life. During this excursion, guests will visit Saona Island and Laguna Natural in search of starfish.

One of the tourist attractions of Saona island is the largest natural pool in the world, located in the middle of the sea at 400 meters from the coasts, an area where the depth is barely one meter, ideal for diving. It is also a perfect place to see and touch all kinds of exotic marine species present under the pool, such as marine stars, corals, tropical fish, shells and snails. Undoubtedly, one of the best attractions that presents island.

It is also a perfect place to see and touch all kinds of exotic marine species present under the pool, such as marine stars, corals, tropical fish, shells and snails. Undoubtedly, one of the best attractions that presents island.

US 39.99

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Total US 49.99

May 2021


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